Upbeat, Amazing Christmas Music Video & the Miracle That Went Into Finding a Baby Jesus

Check out this new, upbeat contemporary Christmas song written by Josh Wilson and performed by Bryce Romney. As a 3-year member of BYU Vocal Point, Romney has sung on stages across the nation and is featured on three Vocal Point albums, Lead Thou Me On, Spectrum, and He Is Born

Romney shares, “The project started out rather simple then snowballed when The Shops at Riverwoods suggested that the filming of the music video be a part of the entertainment for their annual lighting event.”

Sherri Whitehead, one of the creative directors for the project, shared some of the miracles that went into the filming:

"For weeks we had searched for a baby [Jesus for the video] to no avail," she said. When the day of the filming came, the crew still didn't have an infant to fill the part. But, Whitehead adds, "we were assured days before the filming that we would find a baby Jesus, but we had no idea that it would come right to our door at precisely the right moment."

In the middle of filming at the Riverwoods in Provo, Utah, one of the group members noticed a baby in its father's arms outside in the common area. The team tracked down the child and his parents, asking if they would allow him to be their baby Jesus for the music video. "The baby is listed in the credits as 'Miracle baby from Payson' because of the prayers and pleading directed heavenward" that were answered as a result of this small miracle, Whitehead said.

Check out the incredible video:

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