Update on Church members and efforts since the earthquake in Chile

Recovery from large-scale disasters such as the massive earthquake that rocked Chile on Feb. 27 is best measured in stages.

Church officials in that quake-weary nation say stage one is behind them. "We're past that first stage where the emergency response has been handled," said Bruce Muir, the Chile Area's director of temporal affairs.

Indeed, in the hours, days and first few weeks following the disaster, both general and local priesthood and Relief Society leaders worked endless hours to ensure that quake victims were being fed and sheltered. That's largely been accomplished in Concepcion and other severely affected regions. Now the focus for Latter-day Saint Chileans shifts to "stage 2."

On March 15, a Church-sponsored cargo plane laden with relief supplies and provisions landed in the Chilean capitol of Santiago. Traditionally, such airlifts have included first-response items such as food and water — but the Chilean shipment essentially consisted of building supplies and other non-food materials, including tents, tarps, sleeping mats, water purification bottles, blankets and diapers.

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