Updates to LDS Music Website

Music.lds.org is one of the most visited sections within LDS.org, averaging more than 1.5 million page views a month and it has been updated with more music and more features. Here are some of the new or improved features you’ll love:

Interactive music player. Listen to hymns and songs or use it to play songs for family home evening or to learn new hymns. If you want to practice the soprano, alto, tenor, or bass part, you can play it alone or at a higher volume with the other parts. If the music is too high or too low, you can transpose it to a different key, then play it or print out the new version for performing. The music player now has new features that make it easier to use. The major drawback is that now it requires Flash, so it will not work on some mobile devices (like Apple iOS smartphones and iPads) without additional software.

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