Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff urges Mormons and Jews to stick together

by | Apr. 06, 2010

News from Utah

When Daniel Ayalon, the former Israeli ambassador to the United States, visited Utah, he was surprised and delighted to find a Jordan River, a Zion's Bank and a city called Moab.

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff recalled the story last week at the semiannual meeting of B'nai Shalom, a society composed of Mormons and Jews.

"Ayalon has said (of Utah), 'There's something about the people out there. I felt home,'" Shurtleff said.

B'nai Shalom is a 43 year-old organization that brings together Jews and Mormons of Jewish heritage, as well as those who have an affinity for Jewish culture. The organization promotes appreciation of Jewish heritage and advocates genealogical work. The president is Daniel Rona, aprominent Jewish convert to the LDS Church.

Shurtleff was the keynote speaker at Thursday's meeting at an LDS chapel in downtown Salt Lake City.

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