Utah dead last in per-pupil spending — again

by | Jul. 28, 2009

News from Utah

The fact Utah is last in the nation again for per pupil spending has parents wanting answers and educators feeling disheartened.

"It's kind of sad we don't have more," said Glenda Adams, a third-grade teacher at South Jordan Elementary School.

Parent Angela Buehner, whose children attend South Jordan Elementary, said, "We need to get the people who can make a difference to do something about this."

Utah is dead last among the states — by a mile — in spending per student for elementary and secondary education, according to a new Census Bureau report for the 2006-07 school year.

That is not a surprise. Utah has that notoriety every year, thanks largely to having more children per family than any other state. That means each wage earner supports more school children than any other state. Also, Utah's political culture tends to fight increases in taxes, even for education.

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