Utah wheelchair athlete Curt Brinkman being remembered for 'Will to Win'

by | Sep. 15, 2010

Saints & Sports

Utah wheelchair athlete and motivational speaker Curt Brinkman is being remembered for living a life exemplified by the title of his book, "The Will to Win."

"Just that phrase, 'The will to win,' embodies his whole attitude about everything," said his son Greg Brinkman.

Curt won the Boston Marathon in 1980, setting a world and course record of 1:55:00. He was also a five-time Paralympic gold medalist who had 20 first-place marathon finishes, according to his website.

Curt died at age 56 at his home in Pleasant Grove Sept. 7 following challenges brought on by a number of health complications, including diabetes and heart problems, Greg said. "We all kind of expected it, but just not so soon," he said. "We figured we would get another 10 years out of him, at least. But it's a shock, a surprise, but at the same time I guess it's a little bit of a relief because he's not dealing with that pain any more."

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