VIDEO: After Losing a Loved One, House, and Job, We’re Right Where We Should Be

One stressful event right after another—that's how Tennisa and her family experienced life for about two years. 

With little time to adjust in between each event, Tennisa and her family had a baby, lost a loved one, moved out of their home, and experienced unemployment. 

Even though these compounded hardships were difficult to bear, Tennisa saw the hand of the Lord in the small things that brought her and her family exactly where they needed to be. 

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"We can't always control external experiences. We can't always control the forces of nature or morality. Things swirl around us coming from the complexity of telestial life that won't always yield to our wishes. But we can fix our heart. We can remain true, we can keep our integrity, we can hold to that which we believe."

—Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, For Times of Trouble

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