Vai's View: Legendary friend has made lasting impression

Think back to when you were 9 or 10 years old. Were there figures in your life who were bigger than life? A teacher? A church leader? A favorite uncle? At that time, everything seemed bigger than life. Just go back to your elementary school and see how small the classrooms and cafeteria are compared to how you remembered them. Sometimes, we're disappointed when, as adults, we see that people and buildings from our childhood don't quite live up to our memories.

John "Sonny" Hogle was a towering figure in my early years. Forty years later, he's still a legend to me and in many ways, even more so. Out of the blue this week, I got a call from Hogle, or as my family called him, "Hokili" (pronounced, HO-KEE-LEE), the Tongan way of pronouncing "Hogle." Sonny was a legendary missionary in Tonga in the early '70s in the way John Groberg was in the late '50s.

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