Vai's View: Observations from the Cherry Hill, N.J., Mormon Prom

Earlier this week, I was disturbed to read the Deseret News account of the rave parties at Saltair, where young women, including underage girls, allegedly strip to their skivvies, dance, drink and do drugs — to the point that some are rushed to local emergency rooms as a result of alcohol poisoning and drug overdose, placing tremendous stress on the depleted weekend staffs of local hospitals. Simply frightening.

The contrast to what I just witnessed on Mother's Day weekend could not be more stark. Last Saturday night, I helped chaperone an event in our area that has grown in size and popularity, where young women dance and party — but do so in modest dresses, with dates and get this — completely alcohol and drug-free.

It's the Cherry Hill, N.J., Mormon Prom. Our LDS stake has hosted it for eight years, and this year we invited kids from two neighboring stakes in Pennsylvania — Valley Forge and Philadelphia. Members of our stake youth committee plan and execute the entire thing. They form committees for food, publicity, music/dance, set-up/decorating, photography, volunteer wait staff and clean-up with an adult leader assigned to each.

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