Vai's View: On the honor code and accountability

I fully expect BYU's announcement that Brandon Davies will return to school and play for the Cougars next year to be met with skepticism by his self-appointed advocates at Deadspin — but that is only because they don't understand that accountability and parameters are what will prepare Davies to succeed beyond his playing career.

There was a lot of hubbub last week over the Deadspin article about BYU, racism and the honor code co-written by former BYU professor Darron Smith.

The Deseret News asked me to write a response. I passed. Frankly, I was more interested in writing about my grandson.

Truth is, outside of Utah, this story had zero impact — certainly not on the national scale that Brandon Davies' story did. That's because BYU's decision to suspend Davies was unique and given the circumstances, newsworthy; the story of disgruntled, pampered athletes, many of whom were charged with criminal activity, isn't that ground-breaking, even if cloaked as racism in an attempt to further a story. But I'm not completely dismissing every claim made in the Deadspin story either, which I'll get to later.

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