Valentine's Day: Keeping the cup half full

Years ago as I was applying to a Master's program for marriage and family counseling, at San Diego State University, I was told by the professor who was interviewing me for acceptance that I was "Pollyanna". He told me "you look at life as though the cup is half full instead of half empty." He explained to me that he could not accept me in to the program because my Pollyanna ways might stand in the way from me being empathetic and a good counselor to others who were going through so much hardship.

I left his office, and the dream of getting my Masters degree, a little perplexed. He was right, I was Pollyanna, which quality had served me well up to that point, and since then it has been one of the most important tools to survival on this unexpected route which I have traveled.

I have seen a lot of cups in my life. I have seen the cup of motherhood, marriage, date night, ward temple night, holidays, wedding receptions, dinner time, an empty house, birthdays, Sunday dinners, baby blessings, baptisms, missionary farewells and homecomings, Mothers Day and Valentine's Day, just to mention a few.

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