Value of a mother? Trying to put a dollar figure on Mom's efforts

There's no way to calculate the value of a mother's kiss, a lullaby or her timeless advice, yet when it comes to grocery shopping, cleaning bathrooms or driving kids to soccer practice, financial reimbursement is a bit easier to compute. Mothers aren't paid for this tireless work, yet they contribute more to the family than many give themselves credit for, say several insurance companies.

One has calculated the annual value of a mother's work at $61,436, which doesn't factor in any income she may earn outside the home.

That "salary" includes helping with homework as a teacher or instructor (based on an hourly rate of $17.85), nursing wounds like a licensed practical nurse ($17.90 an hour), handling family finances as an accountant ($23.83 an hour), and even finding out what the kids are up to as a private detective ($19.78 an hour).

Another website lets mothers add in their own information to get a numerical figure for their financial contribution as a homemaker.

Yet despite knowing these actual dollar figures, no mother receives a check or even public praise for her work, leaving many to refer to motherhood as the unsung, unheralded, "invisible" profession.

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