Vancouver Sun: Residents can get rare glimpse of Mormon inner sanctum

In the month of April, Metro Vancouverites will be offered the highly unusual opportunity to experience the inside of a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon ).

By early May, the large new Langley temple will be formally dedicated by Mormon officials and closed to outsiders, virtually forever.

Mormons consider the rituals performed inside their temples so holy that they are reserved only for Mormons judged worthy by church authorities.

The nearly completed Vancouver British Columbia Temple, located in a semi-rural neighbourhood at the corner of 82nd Avenue and 204th Street, is the first Mormon temple in B.C.

Up until this point, Mormons in B.C. have been gathering regularly in "meeting houses," which are not considered as sacred as temples to the 13-million-member church, which was founded in New York in 1832 by American Joseph Smith.

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