Video: Architectural Details of the Philadelphia Temple That Will Make You See It in a Whole New Way

On September 18, President Henry B. Eyring dedicated the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple. His prayer reflected the unique place this temple serves in our Church and in history:

"We are profoundly grateful for the Constitution of the United States and for the Bill of Rights. These are the guarantors of our independence and our liberty.
"We pray for this nation of which we are part. Preserve the freedom of the people now and for generations to come. May these blessings rest upon its citizens without restraint or hindrance of any kind. Bless those who lead, and inspire them in their endeavors that righteousness may grow, that the people may look to Thee, and that this nation, under God, may continue as a base from which Thy work may spread throughout the earth."

From moldings to railings and light fixtures, the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple reflects many important aspects of U.S. history. Check out this video by Daniel Smith that examines these architectural details more closely.

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