Video: Missionary Wrestles Gun Away from Armed Attacker in Brazil

A surveillance camera captured the incredible footage of two missionaries fighting back after two men apparently attempted to rob the missionaries at gunpoint.

The missionaries, who are from the Manaus Brazil Mission, according to Deseret News, are both safe.

Two men approached the missionaries on a motorcycle, stopping in front of them. One man approached the elders, appearing to pull a gun from his belt. That's when one of the missionaries decides to fight back, wrestling the gun from the man's hands and pointing it at his attacker.

As the first attacker backs away, the man on the motorcycle joins the fight. The missionary throws the gun over a nearby fence, then turns to defend himself against his new assailant. After the missionary and man exchange punches, both attackers flee the scene.

International security expert David Acosta, who himself had been attacked as a missionary in Brazil, shared more about this typical robbery tactic.

“They come up on a motorcycle, they get off. The one guy is the getaway guy and the other guy is the armed robber and they will shoot you…they will shoot you,” Acosta told Fox 13 News. “If you don’t feel like your life is for sure in danger, like you’re going to be shot, then just hand over whatever it is you have. Don’t resist because it is so dangerous."

We are grateful both missionaries are safe.

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