Video games: the other vice

It started out innocently enough.

I was complaining to a friend about a boring night class I had to attend, and she suggested I download a particular iPhone game to divert myself.

"It's called 'Angry Birds,' and it will be the best 99 cents you ever spend," she insisted.

So I took her advice and forked a dollar over to the app store. The game, which consists of launching colorful cartoon birds at evil green pigs, was not exactly intellectually stimulating, but I found it sufficiently amusing to get me through a two-hour lecture on the changing media system in Ecuador (or something).

I had beaten seven or eight levels by the time class ended, and I was even finding a shameful degree of satisfaction in my progress. But when my wife came to pick me up, I shoved the phone in my pocket and forgot all about the game.

That is, until evening scripture study.

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