Viewpoint: Recycling is a religious duty

Living your religion means always acting upon the values you claim. Christians claim to have a respect for human life, among other things, and we believe our duty to God is one we should be performing every day of our lives. Are you and I living up to that standard? That depends, in part, on a certain decision you and I make every day.

When you drink the last soda, where does the empty can go? Sailing into the waste bin, probably, and not the recycle bin. Whether we realize it or not, this is a decision that determines if we are living our religion.

So what in the world does recycling have to do moral values?

Think of landfills that are running out of space. Think of the exorbitant amounts of energy used on producing new materials. Think of the destruction of beautiful ancient forests, and the increasing pollution of air and water.

Besides preserving and beautifying the environment, recycling saves money and energy, creates jobs and saves animal and even human lives. When fewer new materials are needed, fewer life-endangering jobs such as iron ore mining are needed.

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