Warning Signs

A few years ago, I bought a fairly new used car. It seems that not long after I bought it, I noticed an odd noise coming from the engine. I asked several mechanics about the noise, but no one knew for sure what it was. So I kept on driving.

A few weeks ago, weird things began happening with the car- the horn stopped working and the battery light would come on intermittently. I know very little about cars, but I figured that since the car started fine, the battery must be fine and that it must be some kind of glitch in the electronics.

Then one day the car just died. Even using jumper cables to start the car from another car’s battery would not work. After trying various solutions, I finally had to have the car towed to a mechanic. After having the car’s computer replaced, it finally would start. The computer failed because the alternator was not working properly, so I had to also replace the alternator.

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