Watch: After Husband Diagnosed with MS, LDS Mom Finds Powerful Way to Support Family and Inspire Others

When Mike told Briana he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, they both knew their lives would change forever. Briana went from being a stay-at-home mom to the main provider of the family while Mike helped watch the kids at home."One thing I think that evolves as you work at it when you are together with someone is your faith and belief in the other person," Mike says. "You can count on them and you know that when it gets hard, because it is going to get hard, they are going to be there."

Though life didn't turn out as planned, the two have found ways to make their life extraordinary—something they share in their podcast, The Lifebeats Project.

"I truly believe that each of us have this extraordinariness in us," Briana says, adding the challenge: "start with seeing the good in yourself."

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