Watch: Alex Boyé Performs Disney Classics with Tabernacle Choir for Pioneer Concert (+ Shares Incredible Story Behind What Made the Performance Possible)

Not long ago, a memory photo popped up on Alex Boyé's Facebook feed. It was a picture of him singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. “As I sat there looking at that picture I thought to myself, ‘Boy, I really miss singing with those guys!’” Boyé told the audience of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Pioneer Day Concert on July 14.

The next morning, Mack Wilberg called, asking if Boyé would be willing to sing in the Pioneer Day Concert. “I about fell off my chair," Boye said. "And I cannot tell you how grateful I was when these nights almost magically were free on my calendar. And now I get to sing again with my friends.”

What resulted from that wonderful coincidence—maybe possibly divine intervention—was a beautiful night of faith-filled music and energetic performances all enhanced by Boyé's signature African twist.

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“I don’t sing with my hands behind my back sitting on a chair. I give everything,” Alex Boyé told the Mormon Newsroom. Watch the performance below, featuring music from Moana, Pete's Dragon, and Lion King, as well as a medley of Nat King Cole classics.

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