Watch BASE Jumps off Church Office Building--Take our Poll

Have you seen this video of two men BASE jumping off the LDS Church Office Building in Salt Lake City?

The men were criminally charged last week and the Deseret News wrote an article about it here. They plead guilty to disturbing the peace and were fined $300 each and are forbidden to enter the Church Office Building again.

The whole situation is causing mixed feelings in the LDS Living office. Were the sentences too harsh or just a slap on the wrist? Was this harmless fun or totally inappropriate and disrespectful? We’re interested to know how you feel about it. Take our poll and leave a comment below.

What do you think of the sentencing?

It was too harsh.
It wasn't harsh enough.
It was exactly what they deserved.

What do you think of them BASE jumping off the Church Office Building?

I wish I could have done it.
It was completely inappropriate.
I’m indifferent.
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