Watch: Church Releases Gorgeous Video of the Paris France Temple, Explains Why There's No Angel Moroni

From Monet-inspired stained glass to a Christus statue nestled on the temple grounds, the exquisite touches of the Paris France Temple can now be viewed through this incredible Church video.

"The light, which comes through, it's kind of unreal and you can feel the same thing you feel when you're with God," one woman said in the video.

The first temple built in France, the Paris temple is designed with the French culture in mind. Though there is no angel Moroni due to height requirements, there is a beautiful statue of the Savior nestled in the garden on the temple grounds. 

"Many people in France don't think that we are Christian, and to have this Christus in the garden, it's to testify that we are a Christian church and we believe in Christ and we know that He is our Savior and our Redeemer," a member said in the video.

Presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé says visitors will certainly notice the French influence and the beauty of the building with their natural eyes. 

"But I think they will then look with a spiritual eye as they realize there is a feeling about it," Bishop Caussé says. "It's not just a beautiful building, but there is a feeling of peace when you go there."

Lead image from the video above
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