Watch: Elipse 6's Hilarious Christmas Mashup of "Believer," "You're Welcome" + Other 2017 Hits Is Just What You Need Right Now

Just four more days stand between now and Christmas. Four. More. Days. 

And if you are scrambling to find that last-minute stocking stuffer or you are wondering if the packages you ordered online really are going to arrive tomorrow, you might need a little break. 

Eclipse 6's hilarious "2017 Hits (Santa Style)" is just the thing. With Christmas mashups of songs like Imagine Dragon's "Believer" and Moana's "You're Welcome," this music video will make you laugh out loud as you take a breather from Christmas stressors. 

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New arrangements of Christmas favorites mixed in nicely with some fresh new holiday songs. As with Eclipse's other recordings, their trademark harmony driving rhythm and exciting delivery are sure to please all types of listeners, making Three Kings the perfect holiday gift.

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