Watch: He lost his brother soon after moving to a new country. Here’s how this artist found the power to forgive

by | Mar. 31, 2021

In the latest video in the Church’s Easter campaign, watch artist Nnamdi Okonkwo shape and create his amazing sculptures, and listen as Okonkwo shares how, through prayer, God has shaped him.

Okonkwo explains that his brother provided the financial means for him to move to the United States. But soon after Okonkwo moved, his brother died in an accident.

"It devastated me on so many levels," Okonkwo says. "I did not think there was any way that I could forgive the person that killed my brother."

After many nights of being in what he calls the “valley of sorrow,” Okonkwo pled for God’s help to forgive. 

“As I was praying, it felt like someone poured cold water on my head and it washed all the way down to my feet. When I got up, I did not have any feeling but of love for this person. I couldn’t hold any terrible feelings for him; I completely forgave him,” Okonkwo says.

Watch the video about to hear more about Okonkwo’s art and his experience with forgiveness. You can also learn more about him on the link below:

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Okonkwo’s The Family  is beautifully represented in this cold cast bronze statue. Speaking on his understanding of family in general and God's family in particular, Okonkwo said of this work:

“God wanted me to understand something about His love for me, so He gave me children and He gave me my family. When God asks me to love others like He loves me, He means for me to treat everyone as if they were exactly my kin. The more I hold sacred this fundamental unit of society and then reach outwards to accommodate others, the more God is pleased with me, and He will indeed be as a father to me, as also we indeed all have a common Father in God.”

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