Watch: "I Started to Want to Disbelieve"—Latter-day Saint Opens Up About Navigating a Faith Crisis

"I became so fixated with my faith and poking holes in that, my studies got pushed aside. My grades took a hit. I started to want to disbelieve," Adam says in a recent Church video "His Grace: Choosing to Believe." "And I think that's when the darkness for me personally really set in."

Adam says that during this time he began to navigate his faith crisis, he struggled to know what was real and what was true about the gospel. Eventually, Adam wondered if he would be a member of the Church for much longer. 

He says that during this time, his prayers were often simple. "A lot of times I could not get out more than, 'God, help me. Help me,'" he says. 

Find out how Adam's prayers were answered in the video below:

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