Watch: LDS 12-Year-Old Sings "Stand in the Light" in Times Square to #LighttheWorld

by | Nov. 29, 2017


As part of the Church's #LighttheWorld Christmas campaign, LDS 12-year-old Lyza Bull released a cover of “Stand in the Light” by Jordan Smith.

Lyza became obsessed with the song after she heard Jordan Smith sing it on The Voice. The profound message of staying true to yourself, facing your fears, and standing in the light spoke to the young singer.

During the shooting of the music video, navigating the different locations of New York was a challenging but rewarding task as it brought Lyza close to Broadway.

Her mom, who was also with Lyza in New York City, says it was amazing to see her Lyza singing about standing in the light in the center of Times Square.

They hope through this music video will help others realize who they are and discover their divine potential.

Lead image a screenshot from video
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