Watch: LDS Actor Shows the Absolute Worst Way to Home Teach in Funny Video

In his October 2016 general conference talk "Emissaries to the Church," Elder Holland asked the brethren of the Church to "lift your vision of home teaching" using the example of Molly, a woman whose home teachers came at the perfect time to help her clear up her flooded basement, but instead, they quickly left, deciding she was too busy for their message.

Fast forward three months and LDS actor Scott Christopher shares this hilarious video, "The (Mistaken) Spirit of Home Teaching," inspired by Molly's story.

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As Christopher wrote on his Facebook page Scott the Mormon Actor Dad:

"If you're a Mormon, you know about Home Teaching. (If you're not, let's chat.) I was asked to put together a quick video inspired by the "Molly" story from Elder Holland's talk in October. It took about 20 minutes and the volunteer improv services of my son John and the wonderful Karen Christoffersen. Enjoy! Or cringe!"

Thanks to Mormon Life Hacker for bringing this video to our attention. 
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