Watch: LDS Man Severely Injured in Brussels Bombings Forgives Terrorists in Touching Video

Mason Wells was about 10 feet away from the first bomb when it went off in the Brussels, Belgium, airport on March 22, 2016. 

Serving as an LDS missionary at the time, Wells and his companion were escorting a sister missionary, waiting in a line when the airport was rocked by the explosion. 

The blast burrowed shrapnel into his legs, head, and arms; severely burned his face and hands; blew off part of his heel, and in grave danger of losing too much blood. But, miraculously, Wells lived through the experience and endured a long, painful journey to a full recovery.

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But Wells still has daily reminders of what happened on March 22, 2016. And while he could be angry at the terrorists who injured him and so many others, Wells isn't, and he shared why in a recent video. 

"To the Bakraoui brothers that injured me on March 22, in the Brussels airport, I have something to say to you," Wells said in a video posted on "I still carry scars from that day. But despite those scars, I forgive you."

Wells says that forgiving his attackers, he has become a stronger person. And while offering forgiveness doesn't excuse what the terrorists did, it has helped him move on with his life. 

"I've chosen not to live in fear," he says. "I've chosen to make every single day another day to be grateful for. . . . I hope that you are able to find as much peace as you can in the next life given what you've done."

Watch the full video below:

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After surviving three separate terrorist attacks, Mason Wells was left with third-degree burns, emotional scars, and a shaken belief in God. How could a merciful Father let evil prevail? Why had Mason been saved? What did God want from him? This miraculous true story will change how you see your own struggles and teach you the true power of forgiveness, perseverance, and faith.

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