Watch: LDS Mom Struggles to Wake Teen from Nap Inside Car

When Alicia Johnson went inside Wal-Mart, she probably had no idea the ruckus her 13-year-old daughter Savannah Johnson was capable of sleeping through. 

After stopping for a shopping trip, Alicia returned to find Savannah, who opted out of going inside the store, asleep in the passenger seat. 

With the keys locked inside the car, Alicia banged on the car windows shouting, "Savannah, wake up!" and even enlisted the help of a passerby, who honked their horn repeatedly in an effort to wake up Alicia's daughter—all to no avail.

“I was concerned at first,” Alicia Johnson told KSL about the incident. “I just kept watching and could tell she was fine.”

Finally, with no other option, Alicia called the police, who were able to unlock the door to her car. It was only when Alicia touched her daughter and was speaking to her inside the car that Savannah woke up. 

"What happened?" Savannah asks in the video, as she looks around to see bystanders and police officers in the parking lot near their car. 

"For a half-an-hour, we tried to wake you up and you wouldn't wake up," her mom explains in the video. "They were honking their horn, were banging on the windows—look at all the police that came to help because they didn't know if you were okay."

Coming to and seeing the police officer that unlocked the car, Savannah turns to say thank you. 

"Your welcome," the officer responds. "Hope you had a good nap." 

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