Watch: Latter-day Saint's Video Goes Viral After He Proposes to Daisy in Front of Donald Duck

It's a bad idea to propose to Daisy Duck in front of Donald Duck, and Latter-day Saint Brandon Galli found out why, as seen in a hilarious video.

Galli, a participant of the Disney College Program, was on his day off and making his way around Disney Hollywood Studios in Disney World when he decided to pull off the ultimate stunt: propose to Daisy. 

And he knew full well he was about to ruffle some feathers. 

"I knew I would make Donald upset by proposing to Daisy," Galli shares. "We met him previously, and I told him that I was gonna do it and that he couldn’t do anything about it because he was stuck on the other side of the building. Clearly, he didn’t care and he made his way over."

What followed was a hilarious video full of drama that garnered 1 million views in a single day. 

"I have been shocked at the success of the video!" Galli shares. "I honestly didn’t even know my friend Kayden was recording until after it was done. I’m glad everyone could get a tiny glimpse of me living my dream in Orlando this semester."

Watch the full video below: 

Lead image screenshot from video above.
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