Watch: Missionaries with Serious Lip-Syncing Skills Send Incredible Mother's Day Message

by | May 14, 2019

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Of course, a missionary mom’s heart would melt watching this video, but yours probably will too. Four Elders in the Australia Sydney Mission sent home a video of them lip-syncing a cover of “My Girl” from Anthem Lights, but with a special Mother’s Day twist.

“When his flatmates asked him to be part of this video, even though he is somewhat shy, he jumped at the chance because he knows how much I like the group Anthem Lights . . . it literally brought tears to my eyes,” Elder Edmund’s mom Marie Edmund said.

How could lyrics like, “I don’t need no money, fortune or fame, I’ve got the single greatest mama, any one man can claim,” not bring tears to a mama’s eyes?

“I was pretty much just a pile of mush; he always knows how to tug at my heartstrings,” Marie explained after watching the video. "For example, last year for Mother's Day he spent months carefully carving the letter "M" onto a very delicate Australian nutshell and also dried some rose petals (my favorite flower) off the Sydney temple grounds and sent them to me along with a Relief Society motto pendant since I had recently been called as Relief Society president for our ward."

Wow, the rest of us should take a page out of Elder Edmund's book. Be sure to watch until the end—the elders shouting out how much they love their mamas might be the best part.

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