Watch: New Church Videos Explain the Temple Endowment, Garments in Less Than 2 Minutes

The Church recently released two videos, one about the temple endowment and one about temple garments.  

The video "What Is a Temple Endowment" respectfully and reverently defines what a temple ordinance is and why the temple endowment is important to members.

"The temple endowment ceremony enhances our understanding of Heavenly Father's love for all of His children," shares the video.

Watch the video below. 

The Church also released a video about temple garments and temple clothing. The video "What Are Temple Garments?" explains what temple garments are and why they are sacred to Latter-day Saints. 

"Temple garments are worn by adult members of the Church who have made solemn promises and tokens to keep God's commandments and follow Jesus Christ," the video explains. "They serve as a private and personal reminder of our relationship with God and our commitment to live good, honorable lives."

Watch the video about temple garments below:

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