We Seek After These Things

by | Sep. 16, 2010

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As I’ve mentioned on the blog, we just moved back to Minnesota after a five year stint in Utah (nutshell: we’re both from Utah, DH went to MN on his mission, came home and married me, we went back to MN in 98 for grad school and stayed for work, said work moved us to Utah in 05, same said work just moved us back to MN for who knows how long). One thing I loved about my first experience as a Minnesotan was the plethora of great religious preschools dotting the landscape. My three oldest kids all went to a wonderful Catholic preschool, St. Mary’s, where certain concepts I’d been teaching at home were reinforced: numbers and letters and how to hold a pencil, along with the idea that God created the world and that Jesus loves them.

Now that I’m back, those older three are in elementary, middle, and high school, but my youngest, Wyatt, is in his first year of preschool. We found a great little Lutheran school just a few minutes from our house, and Wyatt has eagerly strapped on his backpack and marched through its doors a grand total of three times now (success!).

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