Website ranks Salt Lake City as one of best places for young adults to live

by | Aug. 02, 2010

News from Utah

Utah's capital is one of the 10 best places for young adults to live, according to

The website's "10 Great Cities for Young Adults" used youth-friendly factors such as large percentages of people under age 35, cost of living, rental costs, culture, nightlife and average commute to determine which U.S. cities offer the best settling ground for 20-somethings.

Young adults often aren't tied down to kids or a mortgage, so it's easier for them to pick up and move anywhere. Because of this, Kiplinger asked: "So which place is best for you when the world is your oyster?"

Salt Lake City made the cut because of its high percentage of Generation Y residents, 28.8 percent, and because it's an affordable alternative to trendier Rocky Mountain cities such as Denver and Boulder, Colo. In fact, one year's rent in Boulder can pay for a year and half in Salt Lake City.

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