Weekend Craft: Feel Better Soon Box

by | Mar. 05, 2011


This cute little box is just big enough to hold a treat and cute enough to bring a smile to the face of someone who is under the weather.

Supplies Needed:
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Box & Bandage:

   1. Set machine to "Fit to Page."
   2. Select box desired, check all settings and cut.
   3. Do not fold box together yet. Set aside.
   4. Cut Band-Aid according to the cutting chart found in this article's photo gallery.
   5. Dot holes and draw lines around Band-Aid. Fold on score marks. Set aside.


   1. Adhere Sizzix adhesive sheet to back of paper. Leave liner on until after phrases are cut.
   2. Cut phrase “feel better soon” according to chart.
   3. Cut Rx 4 times according to chart.
   4. Peel liner off phrases and attach to box.
   5. Outline all phrases with black pen and draw dashed lines around window and all sides.
   6. Fold on score marks and assemble box. Glue side edge together.
   7. Punch hole in top of bandage and tie to box with tiny twine.
   8. Fill with goodies.

Note: Any electronic die cutting machine can be used for this project.
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