Weekend Craft: Holiday Wall Décor

Easy to put up and take down, vinyl can change with the season for very little cost. This week, we’ve included 5 different areas of the home that are easy to decorate and will really wow your guests. Step by step instructions are given for “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” but these steps can be applied to any of the projects shown. Happy decorating! 

Supplies Needed:
  • Any kind of electronic die cutting machine (Cricut- Eclips, Silhouette, Slice etc.)
  • For this project, we used Cricut cartridges: Winter Wonderland-We wish you a Merry Christmas and Winter Frolic for the pine trees,
  • Ruby Flake Vinyl
  • Sky Blue Flake Vinyl
  • Gold Flake Vinyl
  • Transfer tape 
  • Vinyl – We Wish You A Merry Christmas 
*To buy these supplies, please visit OhMyCrafts.com.

Determine the height of the space you wish to put the phrase, this will dictate the length of the phrase.
Using Winter Woodland cartridge, highlight the font function key located in the middle of the far left side. With this key highlighted, turn to page 117 titled Font. This page will show the location of each letter. For example, to enter the capital letter “W” highlight the shift key and the highlight the second key from the left, row 2 from the top of the key pad. To enter the “e” un-highlight the shift key and then highlight the third key from the left. Remember to use the space key between words.
Turn to page 55 to find the leaning pine trees. Determine the size needed and cut trees. If you want the trees decorated, then cut the garlands using the layers function key. To use multiple colors on the tree, repeat the process for each colored desired.
Use a blade depth of 3 or 4 depending upon your machine, a medium speed, and a low pressure. After cutting letters, lightly cut a box around the letters with craft knife and weed away the remaining excess vinyl. Pick out all centers and holes.
Once all the holes and excess vinyl are removed, cut a piece of transfer tape the size of the letters to remove each word strip from the paper backing. Burnish (rub) well to transfer words to transfer tape. This kind of metal vinyl is a little tricky to attach to the transfer tape. A dental pick may be needed to help lift the flake from the backing. Lightly place phrase on wall and check placement. Burnish tape on wall and then remove tape, repeat as needed until phrase and trees are in place.
Other Cartridges used: 

  • Jasmine – Wise men, Alphalicious- The stockings were hung, and Teardrop – In the meadow…, Seasonal-Winter Gingerbread cartridge –gingerbread cookies. 
  • Additional colors used on other projects:
  • Silver Glitter Vinyl
  • Plum Vinyl
  • Pink Vinyl
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