Weekend Craft: It's a Bling Thing

by | Feb. 19, 2011


Glue on a few knobs, cut some vinyl to match your décor and before you know it, you have a designer jewelry frame.

Supplies Needed:
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   1. Evenly space 5 knobs across the frame; mark lightly with a pencil.
   2. Arrange knobs in order and set above marking.
   3. Follow the directions on the E6000 package for adhering to a non-porous surface. Have a small wooden stick ready to use for placing a medium size dot of glue on the metal frame and on the bottom of the knob. Too much glue, and it will spread out around the knob. This glue needs to time cure - 24 hours at least.


   1. Set machine to 12x24 for mat size and use vinyl setting.
   2. Cut solid black letters at 2 inches on solid setting. Pick centers and weed around letters. Set aside.
   3. Cut shadow out at 2 inches on shadow setting. This will automatically be larger than the solid letter so no need to manually adjust.
   4. Layer the solid black letter over the sparkly purple vinyl using transfer tape. Use a new piece of transfer tape to lift the phrase from the liner backing.
   5. Arrange words on metal frame and burnish in place.

Note: Any electronic die cutting machine can be used for this project.
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