Weekend Craft: Lucky Shamrock Mobile

by | Feb. 26, 2011


Do you come from Irish ancestry? If so, they will be a great reminder all month long of where you came from! If not, then maybe a bit of luck will come your way.

Supplies Needed:
(Use coupon code LDS10 to get 10% off supplies needed.)


   1. Set machine to multi-cut (machine will cut the shamrock twice in the exact same spot) and mat size to 12 x 24.
   2. Cut each size of shamrock in the quantities listed on the meaurment chart (found in the photo gallery). Remove from mat. (If blade is not new, it may cut through the stencil material and not through the liner. This is ok, just pull off liner and leave sticky side up.)
   3. When finished cutting shamrocks, you should have 3 small, 3 medium and 1 large shamrock.
   4. Set aside for vinyl.


   1. Follow measurement chart in photo gallery to change settings.
   2. Cut each size of shamrock in the quantities listed in the chart.
   3. Set Flip and then recut each size of shamrock. When finished cutting shamrocks, you should have 6 small, 6 medium and 2 large shamrocks.
   4. Pick and weed around each shamrock.
   5. Peel off plastic liner from stencil material and leave sticky side up.
   6. Using transfer tape, lift shamrock from vinyl liner. Place transfer side down on table so that the sticky silver side of vinyl is face up. Carefully match and line up as closely as possible the stencil shamrock over the vinyl.
   7. Burnish in place. Remove transfer tape and repeat process until all shamrocks are covered on both sides.
   8. Place a small hole in the top of one of the shamrock leaves using a crop-a-dile. Be sure to punch hole a safe distance from the edge.
   9. Tie invisible thread through hole attach to chandelier.
  10. Drape garland above shamrocks. Enjoy!

Any electronic die cutting machine can be used for this project.
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