Weekend Craft: Neighbor Gift Pails

Decorate all the same or make each one an individual treasure – they are sure to please the recipient! Below are instructions for the snowflake pail. 

Supplies Needed:
Gift tag

1. Cut a variety of snowflakes in blue and silver in all sizes no larger than 2 ½”. Because the snowflakes can be delicate, be careful choosing very small sizes as they can be difficult to work with.
2. Weed and pick out centers. (See instructions included with vinyl.)
3. Apply transfer tape to snowflakes individually, burnish.
4. Transfer one snowflake at a time to pail, burnish.
5. Repeat process.
6. Make a small tag out of scraps of vinyl and cardstock, attach to handle.
7. Knot ribbons around handle by tag.
8. Fill and enjoy!

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