Weekend Craft: Spring Bouquet

by | Apr. 22, 2011


Chipboard flowers never wilt and they always look great. This fun, little bouquet of daisy-like flowers is perfect to brighten any corner of your house or office. Even better, make this sweet bouquet to give to a friend or your mother so they know you are thinking of them.

Supplies Needed:
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   1. Ink one small and one large flower (drop a few dots of color on felt pad and dab quickly using an up/down motion) in each of the eight colors chosen on misting mat. Wipe excess ink off mat before it dries. If it does dry, a little Windex will remove the ink.
   2. Set aside to dry. Repeat with a new color and new felt pad until all flowers are colored.

   1. Ink button centers in Sunshine Yellow and Sandal. Let dry.
   2. Ink edges of buttons.

   1. Separate white grass on mat and mist with Smooch Spritz. Let dry.
   2. Turn over and spray remaining white pieces until desired level of green is reached.

   1. Trim a piece of Petite Prints to 9⅞”. It may be necessary to trim an additional amount from paper so that if fits just below the lip of the vase.
   2. Curl paper around into a tube and insert in vase. Adjust paper as needed.
   3. Follow directions that come with kit for inserting flower stems.

   1. Cut out phrase using chart found in this article's photo gallery.
   2. Weed around letters and pick out centers.
   3. Trim piece of transfer tape to size of phrase. Remove backing and apply to phrase. Burnish.
   4. Gently lift transfer tape and phrase from liner.
   5. Apply to vase and burnish.

   1. Tie ribbon around vase and arrange tails.

Make sure stems and grass are completely dry before handling. Use heat emboss tool to warm up stem if a bent stem is desired. Be careful not to heat too much. Remove heat and bend into shape. 
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