What JFK, Abraham Lincoln + 9 Other U.S. Presidents Had to Say About Mormons

Mormons have left a profound mark on history, and their influence has been felt around the world. Even U.S. presidents have taken note of Latter-day Saints and their religion.

Here is a list of what U.S. presidents had to say about Mormons:

President Ronald Reagan

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President Ronald Reagan held Latter-day Saints in very high regard. In fact, he was the U.S. president with the best relationship with the Mormons and surrounded himself with Latter-day Saints in his administration.

"The Mormon contribution to American life is beyond measure," he said in a video.

"They are the contributions of love and joy, of faith and family, of work and community. They are a dedication to values that are at the heart of free nations and good ones. And they are a faith of the promise of tomorrow."

In 1982 President Reagan toured the Church's welfare services, praising the Church for its incredible resources.

“You know that I’ve talked for a long time about Americans doing for themselves, about the private initiative, about citizens’ groups doing so many things that government thinks only it can do," said Reagan. "And I have just toured a cannery—part of the program of the Latter-day Saints for meeting the needs of their people when they have to have help.”

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