What 16 Famous People Have Said About the Tabernacle Choir

Walter Cronkite

Appearing with the Choir in 2002, Cronkite praised the Choir with the following words: 
"I think that this choir undoubtedly has an importance greater than entertaining or even momentarily uplifting an audience . . . in this magnificent hall in which it appears. It has a lasting influence on America. It maintains and upholds the standard of ecclesiastical music and other music as well in a way that is needed today.”

Renée Fleming

Opera star Renée Fleming said of her experience with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in 2005, "When I was first asked to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I went very quickly back to my memories of seeing the Choir on television as a child. The size of the Choir and the homogeneous sound in unison of so many voices made an incredible impression upon me when I was very young. [It is] arguably one of the finest choirs in the world . . .”

Edward Herrmann

Performer Edward Herrmann appeared with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in 2008. Though he has since passed away, his feelings about the Choir still stand: “That’s key to all religions, whether it’s Buddhist or Hindu or Dao or Islam . . . or Christian religions. The transformation of the heart, the kingdom of heaven, is within. And if this glory of the Mormon Choir and this extraordinary center doesn’t reflect an inner spirituality, then it’s just noise. It’s a glorious noise out there, but it’s also connected to the inner self. There’s a powerful spirit here. And people are devoted not because they have a beautiful temple square or this beautiful building but because they want to be changed and they want to bring light into the world. It was a great, great gift to be here, to take part in that.”

Watch him welcome the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to YouTube in 2012:

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