What 21 Famous People Have Said About Mormons

John Stockton

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In his autobiography, Assisted, NBA star John Stockton talked about his experience living in Utah among Latter-day Saints.

Stockton was very grateful for the kindness of the LDS people, saying he felt welcome "without feeling pressured into converting." "The Mormons are an active, mission-oriented congregation with a focus on conversion. However, I was never asked if I wanted to be blessed or baptized into the church, and never once was I put into an uncomfortable situation . . . I became friends, in some cases close friends, with many of the Mormon faithful . . . these people, all of a different faith than me, not only made my opportunity with the Jazz possible, they enhanced and enriched the experience."

Maria von Trapp

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“In Brazil, in Argentina, in Peru, in Chile, in Mexico, in New Zealand, in Australia … whenever there were two strapping young Americans—two—coming up to us, very friendly, they were Mormon missionaries. I always admired the Mormon Church, for this in a way is most natural thing to do, to give two years of your life—a preconceived Peace Corps plan, long before there was Peace Corps—and to go to teach all people, as He has told us to do.”

-From Much Ado About Mormons: What Famous People Have Said About the Mormons by Rick Walton

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