What 21 Famous People Have Said About Mormons

People have a lot to say about the Mormons these days, what with The Book of Mormon musical still going strong not to mention how Mormons are impacting the current presidential election. And there’s no short supply of topics or opinions.

But, since the 1800s, Mormons have always been a popular topic of conversation, and often misrepresentation. As a "peculiar" people, we just can't help but draw the attention of famous people, from writers to presidents to celebrities and more.

Here are just a few priceless quotes of what influential people have said about Mormons:

Katherine Heigl

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Actress Katherine Heigl grew up as a Latter-day Saint, and she credits the faith for many of the values she has today and for helping her family through hard times after he brother died in a car accident when he was 7 years old:

"Both my parents felt a great desire for answers, and they found an answer in the Mormon church," Heigl told Vanity Fair. "But I give my parents unbelievable credit for pulling it together, and I give the Mormon church a lot of credit for helping them to do that."

In an interview with KSL, she talked about how the Church helped her as she was growing up. "I always say 'grace' is my favorite word. It is my favorite concept, and I think it exists so wholly in every part of my life. I've seen it in small ways. I've seen it in grand ways. I just feel the connection my parents had and that the Church helped foster for me as a child. I am incredibly grateful for it because I just don't want to do it alone. Even with friends and family, there is nothing like having faith and feeling like there is a higher being on my side that cares."

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