What Famous Mormons Think about 'Meet the Mormons'

Marie Osmond, singer and performer, and husband, Steve Craig, former BYU basketball player
Marie Osmond: "I liked it in the sense that there are so many ideas of what Mormons are out there that I think it really explained how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes your life. 

Elaine Bradley, drummer, Neon Trees


Elaine Bradley: "I liked that it felt like you were getting to know people and that those people happened to be Mormon."

"I liked how each different person had a different take on the gospel, but it was all so Jesus Christ centered

Shawn Bradley, retired NBA basketball player


Shawn Bradley: "I loved it. It was inspirational. It was emotional. I didn’t expect to be that drawn in emotionally. ... They did a phenomenal job of telling their story and really touching people on an emotional level and yet letting people know who we are as Mormons."

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