What Happens When a Baptist Preacher Becomes a Mormon Teacher?

by | Nov. 27, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: What a fascinating story of conversion! Here are five things we can learn from Wain Myers journey from a Baptist preacher to a Mormon teacher.

So…what happens when a Baptist preacher becomes a Mormon teacher?

Well…he writes a book about it of course!

And why not, right? There aren’t too many people out there with that kind of story. And quite a story it made.

I’m not going to give the entire book away but I wanted jot down five things I learned from the life of Wain Myers, an African American Baptist preacher who decided to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Priestcraft Is Real

Some preachers out there have placed themselves in quite the dilemma. Priestcraft exists when a priest/minister/pastor/teacher is involved in “taking God’s words and twisting them to manipulate others into giving you money to support your personal financial gain.” Wain very honestly admits that “This is the very thing I found myself involved in at this point in my life.” It takes a lot of courage to come forth and admit that to the world. Wain’s description of his life during that time of his life is really interesting…

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For Baptist preacher Wain Myers, following God's will took him down a path he never expected. This fascinating true story will inspire you to share truth wherever you find it.

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