What I Learned as a Bathroom Usher for a Temple Open House

After learning that a temple would be built in his small community of Star Valley, Wyoming, Jeff England was elated—especially when he was allowed to serve in the temple as an usher for the open house. But then, England received an assignment that was anything but elating—that of a bathroom usher. After several nights serving for hours in this role, he writes:

After getting into position and staring at the white tile on the wall in front of me, all alone, I found myself thinking, "of all the beautiful places to be ushering at the temple, why is it that the Lord keeps seeing fit to assign me to the bathroom?" For a brief moment, my heartfelt disappointment.

Fifteen minutes had passed. As of yet, not a single person had come through. It was quiet. I then looked at the clock. Apparently, it was only five minutes that had passed. I thought, "this might be a long night." Knowing I had 4 hours ahead of me, it became very clear that I had two choices. I could either endure or search and pray for ways to have a positive attitude and find joy in my service.

My answer didn’t immediately come, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was not in the temple that day for me, a loved one, or for any other vicarious work, I was there 100% for the Lord. And, since I was there for the Lord, then it didn't matter if I were ushering in the Celestial Room or in the bathroom, or in the mechanical room. I was at the Lord’s disposal and I was happy to be there.

Then, something amazing happened...

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