What If All Your Sins Came with a Mugshot?

A few weeks ago, a good friend and two others were nabbed together in a drug bust. My pal, “D”, is being held without bond.

News spread quickly in our small town. “Ship them away. Let them rot. Have you seen the mug shot?”

Let’s be blue sky clear. I believe in accountability. I’m not soft on crime and I’m not debating the merits of today’s drug laws. But when the village whisperers say, “I always knew there was something about him,” I can’t but help but think that at least they’re right about something. There always has been something about him.

He’s always been a good man.

I wonder how many evenings I’ve caught the news or an email alert about someone being arrested and charged, no matter the crime, and passed judgement from my invisible black robe. All it takes is a 30-second story from an eager reporter featuring a grainy mugshot to tell us all we need to know.

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