What the Prophet and Apostles Say About Their Wives

June Dixon Oaks (1952-1998),

in the words of her husband, Dallin H. Oaks

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June Oaks and Elder Dallin H. Oaks on their wedding day. Photo from LDS.org.

“She just brought out the best in me. . . . June has kept me from getting pompous and self-important (From "Elder Dallin H. Oaks: It Begins By Following the Other Apostles").


-June was in high school when she met Dallin Oaks, a freshman in college who was announcing the basketball games. She said she “stood around until I was introduced.”

Observation from their daughter Sharmon in “It Begins by Following the Other Apostles”:

“One thing we appreciated was that our father and mother loved each other. Just walking into the kitchen and catching my father kissing my mother—that’s one of my favorite memories.”

From “Dallin H. Oaks: The Disciplined Edge”:

“A disagreement with June just wipes me out. Since I know I can’t work until I get it resolved, and since I’m usually wrong anyway …” (his smile flashes), “I just apologize as soon as I can.” June’s version is a little different: “He’s like his mother in that he never, never criticizes anyone. I’ve never heard him say anything unkind about anyone, and we’ve been married almost thirty years.”

This doesn’t mean that an unnatural aura of sweetness and light surrounds the Oaks household.

“Our children can’t claim that they’ve never heard us disagree,” says Brother Oaks almost gleefully. “June and I have had some marvelous disagreements, but we’ve always worked them out.”

. . .

“I did not perform at a consistently high level until June came into my life. I owe so much to her.”

Kristen Meredith McMain Oaks (2000-present),

in the words of her husband, Dallin H. Oaks10877

Elder and Sister Kristen Oaks visit Japan following the anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. Photo from News.LDS.org.


-Kristen was an educational advisor and visiting professor of curriculum at BYU prior to her marriage to Elder Oaks. She also served a full-time mission to Sendai, Japan, which brought added meaning in their recent visit there after the one-year anniversary of the tsunami.

-Elder and Sister Oaks have presented and written together for Church audiences.

From BYU Speech “Timing”:

Faith and trust in the Lord give us the strength to accept and persist, whatever happens in our lives. I did not know why I received a "no" answer to my prayers for the recovery of my wife of many years, but the Lord gave me a witness that this was His will, and He gave me the strength to accept it. Two years after her death, I met this wonderful woman who is now my wife for eternity. And I know that this also was the will of the Lord.

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Photo from Mormon Newsroom

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