What Latter-day Saint Women Should Know, 1906 (III)

This and that, directed to LDS women in the publications of 1906:

The Wage Earner

The working girl’s dress should be modest and appropriate for her work, the material should be serviceable, color quiet and style one that affords freedom of movement. The very thin waist and tightly yoked skirt, and the so-called “fashionable dresses” which immodestly display the figure are not for those claiming to be Latter-day Saints. She whose attire lessens her own dignity and self-respect will not receive dignified, respectful treatment from others.

Shall the Modern Girl Celebrate Her Wedding?

There are many circumstances which would make it seem a duty for the prospective bride of today to have a quiet wedding, with no publicity about it at all. Indeed, now-a-days, with so many diversions, so much other amusement and excitement, it would look like excellent taste, to have as little expense and furor attached to weddings as may be.

But there are still girls who have the primal instincts strong within them; who love to please friends, as well as themselves, and who honestly enjoy all that goes with a suitable wedding festivity. When you meet such a girl, do you not long to tell her some things?

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